Nubian Cultural Exchange

After visiting Ghana for the first time it is quite easy to understand why this region is called the GOLD COAST!! I witness Gold Everywhere, gold in the spirit of the people, gold in the land and gold in the HOPE,VISION and PASSION for LIFE! It was incredible rewarding and life changing. My entourage spirit glowed with excitement and the spirit and feeling of returning home to the MOTHERLAND!! Our trip to the castle ELMINA “The Door of No Return” each step our intensity and spirits was unfolding with our ancestors, each step showed how our ancestors was violated and placed in bondage, each step showed their resilience, each step the walls, grounds, floors, ceilings illustrated the story of our returning and their embarkment! Our return embraces our ancestors and their collective cry our story is their story. We must dedicate ourselves so that their story will be told and their experiences never forgotten!

Nubian Cultural

Nubian Culture Exchange

Cultural Exchange prpgram design to inspire and uplift youngsters 11 to 23 and communties Rites of passage program, MAAFA (Holocaust) awareness and enlightment. SANKOFA education and enlightment.